After more than10 years in various top management positions in the aviation industry, Dr. Gerald Wissel founded AIRBORNE Consulting 2009 in Hamburg, Germany. AIRBORNE Consulting is part of the AIRBORNE Group and is one of the leading aviation experts in Europe.

We bring each project to fly. If a project is „airborne“, our client is able to set all resources to maximum thrust and can climb up to success.
According to a flight, we do consulting for the following phases:

  • Flight Planning: Team dispatch, kick off & briefing, project setup, framework definition, resource planning, …
  • Pre-Departure Preparation: Analysis & research, interviews, possibility and options evaluation, …
  • Clearance to Taxi: ramp up planning, documents finalization, getting clearances (review board, management board, controlling, regulatory authorities, partners, …), implementation start,...
  • Take-Off Preparation: ramp up preparation & setup, project reporting, de-briefing, …

After take off the project is fully controlled by our client and navigated by the project team. AIRBORNE also supports the client in any cases of diversions, irregularities or any other unforeseen events.
Our unique PAK approach ensures the best combination of passion, attitude and knowledge of each service employee.

Each AIRBORNE consultant was many years in responsible positions in the respective industry, has depth practical experiences and leads every project in efficient and professional manner.

Dr. Gerald Wissel

  • Over 20 years in aviation industry
  • International university of management Göttingen
  • Consultant strategy and organization UNICConsult
  • Director Lufthansa Consulting
  • Manager strategy and business development Lufthansa
  • Founder and global head Lufthansa Private Jet and Premium Products
  • Executive Vice President VistaJet
  • Founder & CEO AIRBORNE Group

Prof. Dr. Martin Hinsch

  • Over 15 years in aviation industry
  • Studies of economics at University Hamburg, PhD at University Hildesheim
  • Certified aerospace auditor acc. to EN 9100
  • Senior consultant Lufthansa Technik in Middle East & Swiss
  • Process- & Quality Manager Lufthansa Technik
  • Consultant Corporate Recovery & Business Planning
  • Deloitte & Touche
  • Author of several books on aviation- and aerospace management

Rainer Mück

  • Over 20 years in finance and M&A
  • Founder, CEO, Member of Supervisory Board MMP Mück
  • Management Partners
  • CFO Oerlikon Group
  • Head Intl. taxation Commerzbank AG
  • Head General Electric's German tax office
  • Lecturer at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
  • Chairman tax committee of American Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of various supervisory boards in Germany and Swiss

Werner Heesen

  • Over 40 years in aviation industry
  • Trainer at Lufthansa Training Centre
  • Marketing Manager Far East
  • General Manager Leisure Travel Germany
  • Director Northeast Africa and Yemen
  • Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Worms
  • Author of various publications

Jens Olthoff

  • Over 40 years in aviation industry
  • 38 years as pilot and training pilot for Lufthansa (A320, A340)
  • Head of Lufthansa Flight Training
  • Member of Lufthansa Management
  • Founder Aviation Management Contor
  • Member of NATO think tank
  • Member of the advisory board Rostock airport